Web Design and Development

Building websites that mean business.

At Casper Creative we have vast experience in web design, user experience (UX), e-commerce and hosting. What does this mean? With websites, we have the bases covered.

The team at Casper Creative are experts in all things website. If you are looking to improve your existing business website, or if you’re looking to get online for the first time, we can help.

Web design will be integral to your website success. When investing in your website, it’s important to understand your goals and what success looks like for your website, sometimes a website strategy or a review of your existing online presence can help with this. Either way, at Casper Creative, we will help you build and manage a site you and your company can be proud of.  

Website Design and User Experience (UX) Design.

Our experts have designed and built over 100 websites, so trust us when we say we know what we’re doing. A great design is crucial for your website success. Ultimately, your website is your shop window and often helps form your customer’s first impression of who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. When considering a purchase; a customer will often check out a company’s website before making a decision, and if yours doesn’t stand up against your competitors you could be missing out.  

Represent your brand online

We’ll help make sure your website is an accurate reflection of your brand, ensuring that the message you want to convey is delivered.  

Mobile-first responsive design

With more customers browsing on their mobile phones than any other device; having a site that performs well on mobile couldn’t be more important. Fortunately, at Casper Creative, we’re experts in delivering websites that work brilliantly on any device. Want to know more about mobile first web design? Check out our blog post.  

Calls to action – getting your user to do the right thing…

What do you want a user to do when they visit your website? Whether you want customers to buy from you online, contact you, sign up to your mailing list, or find important information you want to get across; having a clear call to action is critical.    

Website Development and WordPress

Casper Creative combine industry leading design with production-ready web development. Most of our clients prefer to manage their websites with WordPress and so do we.

Custom Theme Development

We want your website to be as unique as your business, that’s why we develop bespoke WordPress themes, tailored to your business. The advantage of a custom theme is that your website wont suffer from unnecessary code or bloat; so your site will not only look great, but will be fast too.

Optimised for success

Every website we build has been optimised in a number of ways to ensure your website can perform as well as possible:

  • SEO best-practices as standard
    Your website will be fully optimised so you can be confident of working your way to that all important page 1 of Google! Just add content (we can help with that too)
  • Super Fast Performance
    When we launch your website, we’ll provide you with a pre-flight checklist. This shows you how your website stacks up in terms of speed and user-friendliness.
  • Analytics and Data
    Knowledge is power: and knowing who’s using your website, how well it’s performing and what pages perform best is critical. By launching your website with Casper Creative, you can rest assured that you’ll have accurate data on your websites performance out of the box.

Long term peace of mind

Our websites come packaged with our hosting and maintenance as standard. Find out more about that below.

Bespoke Projects, Web Design and Development Retainers and Conversion Rate Optimisation

If you’re interested in something more specific and already have a project in mind, we’re confident we can help. Whether it’s extending your team with a work retainer to support your business, Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy and Execution or anything else; get in touch to discover how Casper Creative can help.

Ready to see how we can help?