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Elevating Competition Finder's Digital Presence

Competition Finder Website by Casper Creative

About the Client

Competition Finder positions itself as a unique online hub for genuine, free competitions, offering users the chance to win a variety of prizes, from holidays and cash to cars and gadgets. With a mission to simplify the process of finding and entering competitions, they focus on providing a user-friendly platform where the thrill of winning is just a few clicks away.

The Brief

Competition Finder approached Casper Creative with a vision for a customer-focused website, aimed at listing genuine online competitions and educating businesses about competition marketing. Their goal was to create an engaging, easy-to-use platform that prioritised user experience while also incorporating effective monetisation strategies.

The Outcome

Casper Creative took on the challenge, developing a comprehensive branding solution, a dynamic WordPress website, and a suite of digital and social media assets to boost Competition Finder’s online presence.

Our Process for Competition Finder


Collaborative Conceptualisation

The project began with regular collaborative sessions, focusing on conceptualising a mobile-friendly, visually appealing platform. The emphasis was on modern, bright colours and engaging design elements that would captivate users and encourage prolonged interaction with the site.


Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity

The design phase involved creating a vibrant logo, colour palette, typography, and icon sets, followed by website prototypes. Through multiple revisions, a final design was achieved that balanced a clean, minimal aesthetic with standout features for promoted competitions.


Building a User-Centric Website

Development focused on a custom WordPress site that was easy for Competition Finder to manage. Key features included straightforward search and competition addition functionalities, and integrated monetisation strategies that blended seamlessly with the user experience.


Launching a Comprehensive Digital Platform

Upon rigorous testing, the site was launched, fully integrated with social media and monetisation elements. The branding was cohesive and playful, with a bright, friendly colour palette. Post-launch, Competition Finder quickly amassed 10,000 Instagram followers and began generating significant monthly revenue. Casper Creative continued to support the site with hosting, maintenance, and security services.

Elevating Competition Finder's Digital Presence

Casper Creative’s strategic approach transformed Competition Finder’s concept into a thriving digital platform. By balancing user experience with business objectives, this case study highlights the efficacy of a well-rounded digital strategy in driving online engagement and business growth.

Feedback from Competition Finder

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