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Wooton & Bean

Elevating Wooton & Bean's Brand and Online Presence

Wooton and Bean - Website by Casper Creative

About the Client

Wooton & Bean, an expert mortgage advisory firm based in Haywards Heath, offers a comprehensive range of financial services including mortgages, insurance, and specialist lending. Known for their market knowledge and access to exclusive products, they cater to a diverse client base with personalised financial solutions.

The Brief

Wooton & Bean approached Casper Creative for a brand and website refresh to align with their newly acquired offices and to reflect the high quality of their services. The focus was on emphasising their reliability, expertise, and creating clear calls to action for customer engagement.

The Outcome

Casper Creative undertook the task of revamping Wooton & Bean’s brand to a more premium level, developing two separate websites for their residential and specialist lending divisions. The project also included updated signage, brand collateral, and comprehensive brand guidelines, all built upon a WordPress platform.

Comparison to Original Site

Wooton and Bean - Website by Casper Creative Wooton and Bean - Website by Casper Creative

Our Process for Wooton & Bean


Our initial meetings with Richard and Craig were instrumental in understanding Wooton & Bean’s unique brand, services, and market position. Our team, including Shaun, a qualified mortgage advisor, used this insight to ensure the brand refresh accurately reflected the precision and professionalism inherent in financial services.


We modernised the existing Wooton & Bean brand, ensuring it remained recognisable yet elevated in its appeal. A clear colour palette was developed, incorporating elements from their office interiors for consistency between their physical and digital presence. The website design was focused on showcasing their services in a professional and accessible manner.


The development phase included creating variations of the logo for different mediums, establishing full brand guidelines, and constructing a fully responsive website. The aim was to create an online platform that mirrored the sophistication and professionalism of Wooton & Bean.


Our relationship with Wooton & Bean has continued to evolve. We have maintained an ongoing partnership, providing continual improvements and updates to their digital platforms. The delivery of the project has seen a significant enhancement in their online user experience and brand perception.

Elevating Wooton & Bean's Brand and Online Presence

The transformation of Wooton & Bean’s brand and online presence is a testament to Casper Creative’s ability to align digital strategy with a company’s evolving needs. The project demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality, bespoke solutions in the financial services sector.

Wooton and Bean - Website by Casper Creative

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