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Deck, Document and RFP Response Design

If you’re starting up and in need of funding, or presenting to that big client you’ve been chasing; you may need some help to make sure your documentation and presentations stand out. The experts at Casper Creative have helped businesses small and large secure multi-million pound contracts by delivering documents that engage your potential partners.

Below are some examples of what Casper Creative can deliver for your business.


Need a glossy brochure to showcase your products? Casper Creative are experts in print design and can produce and print documents that get you business.

Partner Proposals & Presentations

When your working to secure new business that could change your business for the better, a tired looking Powerpoint presentation or a tatty PDF just wont do! By showing your presentation to one of Casper Creative’s designers before you show it to your potential new client; We can help put together something that engages, encourages the right questions and ultimately helps you secure the business. We’re more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we see your information for that extra peace of mind.

Presentations that get start-up funding

Looking for venture capital or securing investment? More than ever, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. At Casper Creative we take pride in understanding complex information and creating elegant solutions. What that means is that we can take your pitch deck, and optimise it for success. With a funding deck it’s important to get the right amount of information across, generate interest in your business and demonstrate confidence in your business plan, often without giving too much away. We’ve helped a number of businesses secure funding and know what good looks like.

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