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Now with rather more time on our hands, why not start thinking seriously about that great new business idea? With current events forcing us to reevaluate where we’re at, there’s never been a better time to turn ideas into reality.

Whether you’ve been thinking about it for ages or had a sudden flash of inspiration, these are your next steps.

Talk it out

You might not be able to get together with your trusted allies to talk it out face to face. But there are plenty of video calling tools from Skype to Facetime to Zoom making virtual feedback a breeze. If you don’t have allies in your target market then there’ll never be a better time to focus on building trusted networks online.

Do your research

If you’re convinced that your idea has legs and had honest feedback that convinces you that it can become a reality, now’s the time to research your target market. Look to identify potential long term partners and your competition. How will you differentiate yourself? Is there a niche market that you should be focusing on? What competitive advantage can you bring to the market?

Draft your business plan for the new business idea

Time is a luxury when you’re drafting a business plan. It allows you to nail your business story and create a compelling narrative for potential investors. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, your marketing strategies and your design and development planning. Keep it as simple as possible, allowing the idea to shine.

You should be able to encapsulate your business idea in a 20-second ‘elevator pitch’ that piques an investor’s interest. But then taking a deep dive into your financial and operational goals, projections and ideas for scaling the business in the future.

Nail your graphic design

Creating a brand identity takes time and that’s something you probably have plenty of right now. Your research and feedback and your self-identified niche should all feed into the creation of your logo and other branding materials.

So why is graphic design so important for a new business? Your visual assets are a critical component of your identity and your story. Working with a creative agency is the smart way to develop innovative branding that differentiates your business and keeps it front of mind with potential customers.

Create a responsive website

Prototyping is another essential process in building a rock-solid business plan and a key element will be your website. Over 60% of internet surfing is mobile-first, making the development of a responsive website a central element in prototyping and marketing your business. A responsive website design delivers the ultimate user experience. Make users fall in love with your site at the prototyping stage and you’ll effortlessly boost traffic and SEO by communicating your brand identity through innovative design.

Work with a creative agency

Planning and prototyping a new business idea can be a complex and time-consuming process, but right now that’s something you’ll have plenty of. So why not leave the branding to the professionals and focus on selling your big idea?

Contact Casper Creative today and we’ll take care of your branding so you can focus on your next big thing.


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