Why having a strong brand is more important than ever

Brand Strategy by Casper Creative

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the way in which consumers research and shop for products and services. When government lockdowns and stay at home orders were put in place, traditional consumer spaces were suddenly off-limits and people turned to the online space. This unprecedented time has encouraged consumers to become more comfortable searching for […]

Why you should review your website

Use a creative agency focused on your business goals

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the business landscape to adjust and adapt in myriad ways, some of which are likely to become permanent moving forwards. One of the most significant adjustments has been the shift to digital made by all generations during lockdown. Clients and consumers are now more comfortable with engaging with the online […]

Starting an online business after lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape forever. Although that might sound like an overly bold claim to make, it is simply impossible to ignore the fact that consumers are now more comfortable than ever before with researching and purchasing products and/or services online. This means that it is now imperative to invest in […]

What is a creative agency?

What is a creative agency?

As the advertising and marketing worlds have adopted a strong digital-first mind set, creative branding and design has become more important than ever before. At their core, a creative agency provides a wealth of strategic, design and technology services to clients. Lead by creative and industry experts, the most successful creative agencies operate within a […]

Is branding important when starting a new business?

How important is branding when setting up a new business?

Many businesses find it surprisingly difficult to stand out, especially online. Importantly, however, implementing strong branding in the earliest stages of your business journey will help you to establish yourself as a professional and authoritative figure within your niche. Here’s how. What Exactly is Branding? Your branding is what will make your business immediately recognisable. […]

Does your business need a new website?

Does your business need a new website?

There was once a time when simply having a website for your business was sufficient. However, the digital landscape has evolved considerably in recent years and users have become much more technologically aware. Marketplaces and niches are becoming more competitive. Ensuring your website stands out and can successfully capture the attention of your target audience […]